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2019 Museum Abtsküche Germany

Rheinische Post Concert Erkelenz 2018Till the next time

Off we go

Good evening

January 2017
As you can see from one of the photos, the gig was a “scorcher” at Atelier Winterdijk30b. Thank’s to Wim Brouwers who sent me these photos and with a great compliment. “Dear Martin, thanks again for the masterly performance. I insanely enjoyed it.” Atelier Winterdijk30b got Best Cultural Achievement Award in 2015 from Walwijk town council and I can see why. The reception before, during and after the concert was great. Thanks to Michel for bringing me there, Peter for the great sound and Ciska for the great meal.

December 2016
This was my fourth time to perform in Abtsküche Museum,Heiligenhaus and as usual the sound, atmosphere and audience were great. They don’t seem to be feb up with me yet, so we parted after some fine whiskey with words I love to hear “ till the next time”.

March 2016 Maximal Kulturinitiative Rodgau
Great crew, great place to play and I got spoiled rotten.

photos Klaus Faust

photos Klaus Faust

October 2015 Zentrum Klösterche, Herzogenrath, Germany.

Photos from concert in : October 2015 Zentrum Klösterche, Herzogenrath, Germany.... Comment. Helas this and the gig on the night before in Spiegelslustturm (in an old building overlooking) Marburg were the last gig in Germany for 2015. The good news is that I will be back to perform in both places in 2017. The atmosphere in both places was great, and I said to myself a few times in the course of both evenings...this is why I love doing this! Alwin Nagel who booked me for an earlier this year for a concert in Erkelenz came to the gig took the photos and made this compilation video. until we meet again (as they say in Germany) “adios mi amigos”.

21 June Kunst in Het Kerkje Velp Holland

First gig in Holland since a while. I love playing these little churches the acoustics are great, the ambiance and atmosphere is always special, but of course this would mean nothing without the faces I faced. Fine Dutch heads that were a pleasure to perfom for!



17 May Sennland Switzerland

The concert was hosted by an American musician who is a hell of singersongwriter/performer. I was amazed at the amount of different nationalities that arrived.
The audience consisted of Scottish; English; Irish; Austrian; American; German and for good measure some Swiss people too. Got to hear some interesting stories too. I met an American man who worked on the Lobster Ships off the coast of Alaska, dangerous work as you may know and he told me he nearly met his Waterloo a couple of times. He brought salmon snacks to the concert and I rarely tasted something more delicious. I told him that and he said “I have a safer job now but fishing is in my blood”. There’s a song there somewhere.



Sat 24 January 2015
Leonhardskapelle Erkelenz Germany

Off to a flying start in 2015. This was my first concert of the new year in Germany, it sold out and it was a great evening. I really enjoyed doing the gig and I could feel the audience were enjoying it too. On the reviews page you can read a review. Thanks to Alwin Nagel and his partner Petra who put their hearts and souls in the Acoustic Night concerts they present in the Leonhardskapelle in Erkelen.

Martin Hutchinson

Photo: A.Nagel

September 2013 Folk At Home Holland

This was a great evening thanks to the massive efforts of Hanneke and her crew Arie and Annique. From the moment the door opened I was spoiled rotten. The concert was great, a full house, an appreciative audience with in the front row Joke who celebrated her 90th birthday. What a woman, not a bother on her!! It seemed that everyone in the room sang or played an instrument so no wonder that after the concert there was a mighty session. This time no photos of me except the one I call “Finger Dancing” because it describes how I felt on the journey home.

Together All together...... or solo.

Annique on violin Annique on violin who also sings like a bird.

The listener JokeThe listener Joke.

Finger Dancing.Finger Dancing.
Photos: Marcelle Mientjes

April 2013 Germany

I played some great gigs in Germany this month: each special in it's own way. From Liederbühne Robinson in Bavaria in the south, through Würsburg, in the middle (the concert was in a beautiful 500 year old church) on to Bad Karlshafen in the North. The music and the songs were much appreciated by the audience and so it seems that I will perform again in these lovely venues. People take photos at the gigs and if I get around to it, I ask them to send some photos on to me. I myself am a terrible man with a camera so I always foreget to bring one. But I always come back with many beautiful visions and memories of the concerts and the people that I meet at them. These photos were taken by Gerlinde Müller in 2012 and 2013 in Bad Karlshaven.

Martin HutchinsonMartin


March 2013..... Theater Landgraaf, Holland



Dec 2012.... Heiligenhaus, Germany

Yeah......this was a great evening. Mr Schneider was happy with the people who came and tasted his whiskey....I was happy with them when they became a great audience..... Ingo had a new sound system with him which made both him and me happy (a good soundman with a good soundsystem makes all difference) and all this topped off with a great review. What more can a musician ask for? I'm already looking foreward to being back there. After the concert I was able enjoy a fine portion of Schneider's home-made Irish stew and taste whiskey from his collection. He had a very unusual and tasty one from the Celtic cousins over there in Brittany, France. I have toured in Brittany and drank their Calvados many times but until now, I didn't know they made whiskey . Can't wait to be back for more of that too.
Photos taken by Frank Wurth.





November 2011...... Irish tour


October 2010.... These photos taken by Harry Van Dijk at Éist a Stór, folkclub in Vlaardingen.
When I was driving to this gig I was caught in a huge traffic jam. There was a bend on the highway and as I watched the sun shine down on all those not moving metal cars I suddenly thought to myself "I didn't think you were that famous Martin". It was a great evening and well worth enduring that traffic.
Thanks to Ans and Trudy and Ben for the great care.



May 2010
Some photos just sent to me from a gig I played at the Music Star. A great evening in a great venue thanks to huge amount of work that Wolfgang and the crew put into runnig it.

Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson

The photos were taken by Ulf Woitakowski and you can see more of his work here (Click here)


Feb 2010 De Dolende Ridder

You can say what you like about the Dutch but they shure know how too build a Dike! While I was playing a storm... ahem!...another storm blew over Holland but we never notice a thing about it as this little theatre is sheltered by a strong, high 100% Dutch Dike. It was a grand afternoon and I felt the audience and myself were characters in a magic world that Leopold created. He has built everything here himself and this little place has that "something". Of course every fairy tale place has it's "big-bad-something-or-other" and in this case it's the local council.They want to close the place down for all the usual reasons: building is too old, not suitable etc,etc,. These days everything has to be located on the "Plaza". The theatre, the cinema, the restaurant and that all important parking garage are cleverly situated and fitted together for our convenience. I have nothing against all this -joy be with them- but places like the Dolende Ridder should also be supported and encouraged to exist.
Leo asks the audience to write to the local council to plead for the continuation and protest against his theatre's closing. Chris Bouma the man who took these photos has already promised to do just that. If you happen to read this and are from the area, visit De Dolende Ridder and I'm shure you'll be writing a letter to the local council too.

Feb 2010 Theater Naatpiek

Martin Hutchinson

Photos by Hans Sommer.
'Thanks again for an enjoyable evening at
Naat Piek in Uden'

Hello Martin,
Thank you again for a wonderfull evening in Uden.
MAGGIE? is a great lady, thanks for singing it.
See you again, for the future :have nice music evenings.
My friends and I enjoyed the whole evening long.
Best regards
Rietje Uden / Holland
I'm looking foreward to being back there again
I can tell you!

Denmark Oct 2009

It was great to be back in Denmark again, to see Jean and Susanne Haller once again , to play in Ishoj and for the Musikforeningen Club in Drauget.
Also had a memorable gig at "Den Gyldne Løve" Aabenraa. Afterwards, back at his home, I spent a grand night swapping tunes with Nigel Ray Beck.
Check him out


Musikforeningen Drauget Dk Oct 2009 ... photo Kim Knudsen

Café Engelstede Sept 2009

While he was having a listen artist Gerrit Guldenhemel made this pen drawing of "yours truely" in the guest book of Café Engelstede.

And while Gerrit was doing that Henk Eggens took some photos. It was great to meet you both and thanks for letting me use these images.
If you'd like to check these guys out click here for Gerrit
here for Henk

Martin Hutchinson

Coffey's folk club April 2009

Last April I played a beautiful little gig in John Coffey's folk club in Clough, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. It was near my home stomping ground so a lot of my family, friends and enemies showed up for the gig.


more photo's John Coffey's folk club in Clough

De Oude Remise Feb 2009

Martin Hutchinson

De Oude Remise Feb 2009

MartinMartin Hutchinson

photos:Willem Noordstrand

Irish dates november 2007
Park Hotel, Clonmel
Sol y sombra Old Church Of Ireland

Martin gave a songwriting workshop in
Clonmel Co Tipperary click here for photo´s.

Copyright Courtesy Mike Walsh

Danish dates in oktober 2007

Højskoleclick Drauget, Haslev Folk club,Ishøj Kulturcafe and Ro folk Festival Roskilde


To watch the video click on the photo

Click here Martin Hutchinson

Emmen 2007 Live tunes / interview with Willem de Vries
on Omropfryslan Friday 14 september 13.30-15.00 is not responsible for the content of externally embedded content         

The Platform, Gleesons Bar, Clonmel , IRL
April 2007

Martin in IRL Photo's Mike Walsh

Toogenblik,  Haren / Brussels BE  March 2007

Photo's René Warny   

Muziekpodium De Studio Emmen February 2007

Photo's Anton van de Rijke

The Irish Cottage Oude Niedorp 24-02-2007
Cultureel Centrum De Klameare Workum

Festival Celtic Surprise Landgraaf 12-01-2007

Trouble Tree Singersong Evening Koudekerk a/d Rijn January 2007

Photo's Ruud Leeuw  

De Lantaern Zevenaar NL December 2006

Photo's Johan Jansen