Martin Hutchinson Folk music Irish

Last April I played a beautiful little gig in John Coffey's folk club in Clough, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. It was near my home stomping ground so a lot of my family, friends and enemies showed up for the gig.

My uncle George, he is the last surviving son of my grandmother Maggie. On the Cd This Time one of the tracks is a 'song-portrait' about and for Maggie. I love playing it and the song always recieves a great response from the audience. George requested it that night and needless to say it was special.."play that song about my mother"


Here is my brother Dermot who helps me out a lot when I'm playing in Ireland.

My daughter's boyfriend he seems to be into the music
but does that count? He's hardly going to say he hates a possible father-in-law's music!! Is he?

This is Liam. Liam was busking in London for years but always came back to the ol' sod from time to time. On one of those visits I learned the famous Davy Graham instrumental Angie from him.

Me again.

Paddy Ryan. I tried to perform well and as you can see
from Paddy's face, I was well rewarded for the effort.

Another brother David, my main Irish crash address.

My daughter keeping an eye on her dad for a night.

My daughter's boyfriend.

Thanks to John and Willie Hetherington for the photos. John has a beautifull photo on Christy Moore's new Cd so you can enjoy a look as you "Listen". I bought an acoustic guitar from Willie Hetherington years ago and had not laid eyes on the man till that night. That guitar is still going strong and these days my son enjoys playing on it. It was good to see that just like the guitar he sold me, Willie is also holding his tuning very nicely. Lastly one pic for the road..some the Hutchie Clan together!! There
are more family and friends out there so watch out for a new season with the Hutchies coming your way soon.







My uncle George (last on left),he is the last surviving
son of my grandmother Maggie.