Martin Hutchinson Folk music Irish

Martin was born into a musical family in county Kildare, Ireland. Martin senior played a variety of instruments, including uileann and scottish pipes, piano- and buttonrow accordeon. On his mother's side of the family, his uncle Michael McFadden still performs regularly, as does Martin's sister Maureen with her daughter Natasha.

Martin began playing in the pubs as an accordeonist in his father's familyband. After learning a few chords from a cousin and a neighbour, Hutch began to incorporate the guitar more and more in the familyband. His father had already bought him an electric guitar, a Hofner, but after a while he and a friend bought a Fender Strat between them. However the Strat soon spend more and more time in Martin's possession.

By the time the youngest members of the family joined the band, Martin, who was the eldest, departed to the neighbouring town of Carlow. In those days, pubs in the Southeast of Ireland saw Martin as the guitarplayer in G.I. Brennan's country and blues band.

After this period Hutch moved to Dublin and drifted around, jamming with local musicians. Eventually Martin joined a band formed by Marc Clinton and held down two residencies in Dublin. After that band folded, he was hired as a guitarist for a rock&roll musical in the Irish language. With the money he earned in that show he headed for the continent.

Hutchinson, now residing in Holland, made a living teaching guitar (see link Mathieu). Later at the 'Rotterdam conservatorium' he did a course in band coaching and put it to practice giving workshops. All this time Hutch remained playing in bands, the most popular being Homesick & the Backstabbers. They released two cd's and toured extensively.

Then Hutchinson finally found time to do what he always wanted to do: he started his own band. The first cd Loosing Ground soon followed. January 1999 saw the release of Now Tell Me, and there has been no looking back since. Water from a Stone is his latest offering and with it Hutchinson treats us to 14 new songs and guest appearances from top Irish and Dutch musicians.